About us

Always With Us has created pendants that are unique and symbolic – they memorialize the relationship you have with your companion who has passed on

ALWAYS WITH US was created because of sentimental reasons. Dad always believed in his children and inspired us to reach for our dreams, and believe in the impossible. Whether that special sign is a dragonfly or a butterfly, a feather lying on the floor or simply chatting to the stars or sunshine that may shine brightly – your loved ones will always be on your mind and forever in your heart.

Our dad was both our hero and our inspiration – losing him was devastating and left a void in our lives. Having a token of my dad around my neck may not bring him back, but it does give me the strength to carry on and comforts my tears and heartache. As I find myself smiling at a memory or a photo of my dad, I realise that I am slowly finding my way back. I will never be the same again, but I am stronger, more appreciative of life and love my family unconditionally.

Always With Us was created to try and help you on your of journey of grief. Our pendants may not bring your loved ones back, but it may give them some comfort knowing that they are always near.

Until we meet again – we will try and live by dad’s motto: “Always Well”